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Cape Center

Charlottesville, VA July 15, 2012
“Down home cooking”  Awesome all around. Nothing fancy but a very special place and experience. So good I bought a shirt.  

Augusta, GA July 11, 2012
“Best gas station in which you will ever eat!” This place is literally inside an Exxon station. You order fresh seafood at the counter and waitress brings your order. I had flounder, sea scallops and crab cake with cole slaw and fries for $18. My child had chicken fingers and fries for $5. The flounder was fresh and delicious, the scallops juicy and sweet. My crab cake was claw meat, but very tasty.  Way too much food to finish. Literally on the left hand side of the road before you cross the bridge tunnel. No ambiance at all, just good food, fast and affordable.

Martinsburg, West Virginia July 9, 2012
“All in One” One final stop before leaving the eastern shore. Sting-Ray will provide all your needs from fuel for the vehicle to yourself. We had breakfast all satisfactory and quick service. You order and pay then get served. Good food, refilled coolers, buys a souvenirs and be on our way.

Yorktown, VA July 9, 2012
“Superb seafood!” We popped in to this gas station/gift shop/restaurant combo for our anniversary years ago and were pleasantly surprised to see that the seafood was the best on the eastern shore. We stopped in again last Thursday and it is still the best seafood. I got the breaded shrimp - plump and done to perfection and my sweetie got the crab-cakes - most delicious! The coleslaw was good, the fries were very average (not fresh cut), but the corn on the cob was not ripe yet - could be because of the dry local weather conditions but shouldn't serve unripe food to your customers. The corn bread was very good though. The prices were very reasonable and the facilities were tidy and clean - nothing fancy - just great seafood!

Stone Harbor, NJ 7/8/2012
“Barbeque and Local Seafood ..... not a place for vegans or dieters..” We began stopping at Stingray's a couple of years ago after Formy's Barbeque (up in Painter, VA) closed down - plus now we pull a travel trailer, and Stinray's is a easy place to pull in with the trailer and get diesel fuel. We can't speak for dinner, as we have never been there at that time, but if you like local cooking, Stingray's is the place to be for breakfast or lunch. The barbeque is as good as any we have had anywhere, and almost all the seafood is local and cooked the way they like it there - fried. The sides are southern old school too - greens, beans, mac and cheese, and just about anything fried. One time the special was fried spot - the whole fish scaled, gutted, then breaded and fried head, fins, and all - fresh and delicious, but you need to know what you are getting into.
Definitely not a place for light fare or a salad, but authentic local cooking.  It is walk up to the counter fast food style - they will bring the food to the table for you, but you are on your own after that. The place is old, but reasonably clean and all the stuff on the walls is fun. Prices seem OK. I think a barbeque sandwich with two sides was $6.95.

Manchester, TN July 8, 2012
The Best Food” I have eaten here several times when I was in the area. They have an excellent breakfast and dinner is really great too. They have country bacon. This is one of the few places I have found this on the menu. The seafood is wonderful. Give it a try the next time you are in the area.

Arlington, Virginia June 26, 2012
“Don't judge a book by it's cover!” I've been here several times and it is hands down the best seafood on the shore. It may be a gas station on the outside, but it's a great restaurant on the inside. Who knew a gas station could serve gourmet meals? Everything is fresh. Love this place!

Pottstown, Pennsylvania June 17, 2012
“Diamond in the rough” One of hidden away eating places the locals are hip to. We stumbled in here for breakfast just by chance after coming off the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel heading north and at first glance weren't impressed, after all it was a gas station! The parking lot was crowded so in we went, what a surprise we ended up with a great breakfast served by friendly people. Looks like a gas station but seems to be more of a local gathering spot with very good food that sells gifts and a little gas. Liked it so much we had to buy a couple t-shirts.

Mathews va  June 16, 2012
“Stop by all the time” My family loves it here. Where else could you get crab stuffed fresh flounder and a cheesesteak??? The food is excellent. I wish they would change their dessert selection once in awhile. As it is now, it has been the same for a few years so I have not been tempted. We get take out frequently and I can tell you the crab Imperial is wonderful and more than enough for 2.  Love the place....very unique.

Hampton, Virginia  June 12, 2012
“Fill up with gas and food!”  Stingray's is an institution. You won't find any other place on the Eastern Shore where so many of the locals go to eat and socialize, like the old town diner you may have grown up with. Going in there takes me back to a simpler time, when people were friendlier and moved at a slower pace. The food is always good, and the ambiance is, well, taking me back to a simpler time. :) Let's put it this way: I live in Hampton Roads, and EVERY time I have to travel to or thru E. Shore I stop there. EVERY time. That's how much I enjoy it. If you haven't been, check it out. Just realize it’s in the back of a gas station and convenience store, and don't expect a maitre de to seat you. :))

Washington DC June 9, 2012
“Don't judge it by the gas station!”
This is the best place to go for "local eating" on the Shore. Who knew that a gas station could serve $19 entrees? But it is so incredibly worth it, and the coolest place to eat. Locals refer to it as "the Cape Center", it's original name. 

Not to be missed - flash-friend flounder with crab imperial, softshell crabs, any of the side veggies (which will be drowning in bacon fat...but in a good way!), and the malts and milkshakes. You will have roll yourself out of there it's so good. 

On summer weekends the line can get long, but they move it along fast. Be sure you are ready to order when it's your turn!

Franklin, Virginia, Jun 5, 1012
“It is a restaurant more so than an Exxon. Much more than it appears from outside” We went for breakfast based on the recommendation of a friend. Food and service were very good. There is an extensive seafood menu for other meals. Don't be fooled by the exterior look of an Exxon convenience store. Go.

Richmond, Virginia, May 30, 2012
“Good food, efficiently delivered, always busy” Food ranges from plain fried fish to a sophisticated stuffed flounder. Called Chez Exxon - it is also an Exxon gas station.

Richmond, Virginia, May 10.2 012
“Yummy and low key” Fun, tasty local food. Very friendly staff. The crab imperial was delicious.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, May 5, 2012
“What A Great Find” We stopped in for a bite while riding our motorcycle on the Eastern Shore. My wife had a crab cake sandwich and I had a fried oyster sandwich. Both were delicious. They are very generous with the amount of crab in the crab cakes. The sandwiches were served with french fries.

They were fairly busy when we arrived, but the line at the counter moved quickly and the food was served in short order. There were a couple of servers working the floor. Both went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and make sure that everyone's needs were met.  We now have an excuse to drive over to the Eastern Shore.

Annapolis, MD April 18, 2012
“A Crab Lovers Delight” If you like real crab cakes with crab and not filler; this is the place to go!

Hampton, VA April 14, 2012
“Definite Eastern Shore Destination” Service is mediocre due to the relaxed style of the Eastern Shore, but if you like seafood, you must stop! Plan on spending around $10 per person.  In addition to the restaurant they have a small convenience store and cheap gas!

Adelaide, Australia  March 13, 2012
“Not your ordinary Gas Station” From the outside, one would think you are walking into an ordinary gas station with lots of souvenirs and objects. BUT, out the back is one of the best seafood restaurants you will find. The meals are sumptuous and nourishing with the best crab cakes I have tasted. Great food at great prices!

Richmond, Virginia January 5, 2012
“Best Stuffed Flounder with crab on the Eastern Shore of VA.” StingRays does not look like much from the exterior, just the road side gas station with a immense parking lot and always full of cars, trucks and boats on trailers,

This is the first hint that something good is happening inside.

Service is a cross between home (mom) and local dinner style, you may catch heck
for not cleaning you plate. But the flounder stuffed with crab meat plate will always be cleaned to the very last flake if not taken home is a carry out box.

Ashburn, Virginia, July 16, 2011
“Fantastic fresh seafood at a gas station!” Must stop when traveling to and from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Superior seafood plate with local fresh oysters, shrimp, scallops, and catfish. Owner greeted us onsite. Don't be turned off by the location or atmosphere. Food here is superior to most anything we found on Virginia Beach.

Buffalo, NY  July 6,  2012
“Looks are deceiving----don't miss a delicious experience!” As you drive along Route 13, you see a large sign for Sting-Ray's, but if you're not careful, you'll think it's just a gas station. The building in the background is a gift shop and restaurant. The gift shop has many food items, many being specialties of the restaurant and lots of unusual gift items and even a chocolate candy counter in the front. In the back of the building, there is a small, very plain restaurant area. You go to the counter to order your food and it is served to your table. There is a blackboard with many specials of the day, including side dishes. There are many selections of fresh caught fish and seafood. There is also a wall menu including typical comfort food. To our surprise, our meals were absolutely delicious and obviously home cooking. Our fish was wonderful and the sides as well. The cornbread was fresh, moist and delicious. The prices can't be beat. The restaurant was clean and the high quality food was certainly a pleasant surprise. If you are looking for classy atmosphere, don't go but you will be missing some of the best southern food to be found. We will definitely make a point to stop there again on our next visit to Virginia.

Bowie, MD July 2, 2011
“Unexpected goodness!” We walked in and were skeptical...walked out and were stuffed with amazing seafood! Great comfortable atmosphere for families and extremely friendly staff.  

North Carolina June 14, 2011
“GREAT AS ALWAYS!!!” I am a native of the Cape Charles and have been going to Cape Center (that's what we call it) every since I can remember. I had shrimp stuff with crab meat and she crab soup it was DELICIOUS!!! If your driving thru and have time to stop and grab a bite I recommend the Sting-Ray's Restaurant. BUT DO NOT STAY AT THE "SHORE STAY SUITE" THE PROPERTY MANAGER IS A HORRIBLE PERSON!!

Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
“Fresh fried food, no frills, no pretentions” Comfortable and down-to-earth - not a "dive" and not the place for ordering meatloaf, fergawdsake. The deep fried oysters were perfect: just enough batter to cover, perfectly deep fried, with very fresh, plain oysters also cooked perfectly. A nice piece of cornbread is included, plus two vegetables (I had the sweet potatoes and pinto beans). Service was pleasant and efficient. Must try the breakfast next time.

Alexandria, Virginia June 7, 2011
“Great little family restaurant”
Was here for breakfast this past weekend. You stand in line, order your food, then it is delivered to your table. Decent food. Love the decor, a bit old but that gives the diner its character. There is also a gas station and store there. Love the knick-knacks and the candy choices.

Virginia Beach, Virginia May 8, 2011
“Awesome food in the mostly unlikely place” I had heard about Sting Rays for awhile but not usually into "gas station" restaurants. I asked a couple people walking out what the thought and they literally couldn't stop talking about how good the food was. In the greatest southern tradition of fried food, Sting Rays would hold its own anywhere. I had fried catfish, scallops, shrimp, soft-shelled crab, corn pudding, and Cole slaw. I inhaled it. Insanely delicious. If you are looking for romance and ambience, keep driving. If you are traveling through Cape Charles and want great food, at a great price, then stop at Sting Rays! I may even plan a trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel just to go there!

New Jersey May 5, 2011
“Not "fine" dining, but really good” Took a night off from cooking at the campground. Went to Stingrays based on the trip advisors reviews. We were glad we did. Good seafood, friendly service. Nothing fancy, but a definite thumbs up.

Putnam, Connecticut April 17, 2011
“Great food. Friendly service. Ignore the fact that it's in a gas station.” I like finding quirky little gems like this place. If you want atmosphere, forget it. You order and pay at the counter and a waitress brings your order to the table. For $15 I got a fried oyster platter with fries, slaw and cornbread. (You can choose from a list of about 12 sides.) They have a lower-prices senior menu for anyone over 55. We loved it.

Cramerton, North Carolina March 15, 2011
“Like Momma's Kitchen... If Momma Sold Unleaded"”
Is it a restaurant? Is it a gas station? Truck stop? I'm not sure it even matters. The food is fantastic if you just get over the fact that the place sits inside what is basically a quaint, rural - but very clean - convenience store. However, this isn't like the usual fast food chain attached to the quicky mart or the greasy spoon at the local truck stop. This is much more... and so much better. 
The dishes are fresh and tasty, the veggies mostly locally grown, the seafood fresh and local. And the pulled pork (that's the smell hitting you in the parking lot) is the best I've tasted outside of Carolina (sorry, I have to stay loyal to the local pig pickers). 
In short, this food is solidly Southern, proudly prepared, and served with a smile. It's like Momma's kitchen... and my Momma can cook. But she won't sell you gas at any price.

Virginia Beach, VA January 19, 2011
“Well worth the drive!” I can't tell you how many times we've driven up and down the eastern shore, and always mean to stop. My husband took me for our anniversary, and let me tell you it was well worth the trip. Even though we didn't have any of the seafood, which I'm sure is amazing, it was great. He had the bacon double cheese burger, and brought over half home. I had the club sandwich, and like him brought over half home. We shared a hot fudge brownie sundae, the brownie was nice and warm and homemade. We've actually figured out that we'd save money on food during our road trips by stopping there and grabbing something to split. Trust me, we both have hearty appetites, two adults can more than share one plate of food here!

Powhatan, VA Dec 11, 2009
“I make a point of visiting whenever I'm on the Eastern Shore. Excellent food, friendly staff.”

Pyne London, Oct 27, 2009
“We would really recommend Sting Rays for food and service. Everything we had was great.”

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Georgia, Oct 8, 2009
“Not far from town is a restaurant called "Stingray's" that has really great food especially the soft shelled crabs and crab cakes. It is not a fancy place so the children can feel comfortable and if you want to do a little gift shopping there is a section that features everything from candy to cookbooks.”

Wilmington, Delaware, Mar 6, 2009             
“If you're a weary traveler headed north or south over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, schedule a road stop at Sting-Ray's Restaurant. You might miss it. Look for the Exxon station on the northbound direction only a couple miles north of the bridge/tunnel.  The restaurant has an alcoholic beverage license and features endless ways to enjoy local fresh seafood. Their Crab Imperial is great, but I tend to go for whatever fresh fish they recommend. Nothing fancy. Order at the counter and browse around the store that has souvenirs, wines, beer, snacks, etc. Obviously you can fuel up here too.  Sting-Ray's has been around for a long time and is always busy.”

Evan T., New York, NY, 9/15/2009
“On our way to Ocean City, losing the light of day and losing our dinner options we take a chance and turn into this place.  Tucked in the back of a convenience/general store place, this very unfancy restaurant had some awesome crab cakes.  I got mine fried as a sandwich and it was incredible.  Chock full of herbs and crab, great texture, and not greasy in the slightest.  My dining companion got hers broiled and it was also delicious and served with your choice of sides, of which she chose what turned out to be five star mac and cheese.   I tried the "award winning" chili, which was definitely a rock solid bowl of tomato and bean chili.   I kind of wish I was near this place to try the "award winning" ribs, and the other seafood and meat dishes.  It was such an incredible surprise.  Who can resist crab though when travel through these parts?

M.Conway, Chester, VA, August 24, 2008
“This place is well worth the drive. My wife and I just visited on Aug. 23. We got the Shrimp imperial and it was to die for. The food was hot and delicious! The restaurant offers approx 9 items of which you choose two. All are great. My wife and I drive from Richmond just for the views of the bay and to eat at Stingrays. The only reason this rest isn’t 5 stars is because it is located in a gas station/store. WE LOVED IT.”

Jack K., Virginia Beach, VA, March 18, 2008
“Stingrays is a straight forward not fancy restaurant with some of the best fresh seafood in southeast Virginia. I live in Virginia Beach and go toll and all because it's just WORTH IT!”

Orleans-MMX 10/30/2007
“I was at stingrays last month and I was very pleased with everything about the place. They have the most magnificent crab burgers. So big and meaty and it is fresh Chesapeake Bay crabs. Got me a t-shirt there also. They have a large variety of them.  I would recommend Stingrays to anyone who is local or just traveling through.”